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            Changing figure settings


            Jiro's Pick this week is SetFigPaper by jmrplens.Many of you may know export_fig by Yair (originally created by Oliver Woodford) which gives you...

            MATLAB Projects: Tidying Up

            There are still a lot of unused files in my project folder. The code also uses functions from other folder locations on my path....

            Circles All the Way Down

            This is a story about how ideas  and code bounce around our shared social spaces. This one went from Twitter to GitHub to my...

            App Designer で 亚搏国际网页 モデルのシミュレーションアプリを作る

            App Designer で 亚搏国际网页 モデルのシミュレーションアプリを作る

            こんにちは、テクニカルサポートエンジニアの遠藤と申します。 前回の投稿は2月19日ということで、約3か月ぶりの投稿となります。 前回の記事では亚搏国际网页 API を用いて MATLAB から 亚搏国际网页...

            Can Contact Tracing Help the End COVID-19 Lockdown?

            Since the pandemic became a global problem in March, we have been gratified how MATLAB users have been actively contributing to the research and...

            Bill Gates’ Warning from 2017: We’re not ready for a pandemic

              Bill Gates warned against a global pandemic years ago. In a Business Insider op-ed from 2017, Bill Gates stated, “Whether it occurs by a...

            Raspberry Pi Poker Player

            Today, I’d like to introduce Dan Doherty from technical marketing to talk about using Deep Learning with Raspberry Pi using MATLAB. A few members...

            What is?

            I've been allowing my self some time these days to read more than usual about certain aspects of numerical math, deep learning, and other...

            Optimization of HRTF Models with Deep Learning

            Today’s post is from Sunil Bharitkar,  who leads audio/speech research in the Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Compute Lab (AIECL) within HP...

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