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Wilkinson and Reinsch Handbook on Linear Algebra

The ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages, SIGPLAN, expects to hold the fourth in a series of conferences on the History of Programming Languages in 2020, seeHOPL-IV. The first drafts of papers are to be submitted by August, 2018. That long lead time gives me the opportunity to write a detailed history of MATLAB. I plan to write the paper in sections, which I'll post in this blog as they are available....read more >>

A Logo Zoetrope

A Logo ZoetropeA quick post to point my readers to Ned Gulley's post in MATLAB 亚搏体育app网站下载链, A Galloping Logo Zoetrope. Don't know what a Zoetrope is? Ned explains.Get the MATLAB code (requires...read more >>

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