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How well do you know your MATLAB desktop tools? 4

We’ve all been to events were there are lots of people we don’t know. Sometimes the event organizers provide name tags to help people like me who just can’t seem to retain new names in such a setting. When you gather with a small group of family members… read more >>

Focused on Zooming 26

I'd like to welcome guest blogger Dan Sternberg from the Plotting and Exploration team. Dan will occasionally be blogging here on the Inside the MATLAB Desktop blog. Zooming in figures has been around forever. There are a couple of neat zoom enhancements, though, that may have snuck in under your radar (you... read more >>

Giving your code some privacy 5

In R2007b, code folding was introduced in the Editor for functions and help comments. I find this particularly useful for large M-files like edit.m, which have a lot of subfunctions. By collapsing all the folds in the file, I can quickly skim through the helper subfunctions…. read more >>

Run Configurations At Your Tooltips

You’ve taken the time to set up some really nice Run Configurations. You’ve even added great comments so that you can remember what functionality it tickles. But alas, it’s so hard to remember what the content of each configuration is (my memory is horrible too!). Ahh, but wait – there’s… read more >>

Adding annotations to graphs 13

Once you’ve analyzed and plotted your data or results, the next step is often to add the plot to a report or a paper as a document. In many cases you will need to add explanation and annotations to the data to explain its salient features to the reader of… read more >>

Filter your help 3

If you are using MATLAB with a lot of toolboxes and blocksets, there is a lot of documentation available to you in the Help browser. That’s almost always a good thing, but if you’re primarily interested in just a few of your installed products the others might just be… read more >>