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Fantastic features of 2008 18

Another year, and two releases have flown by! We’ve seen some big features this year – here are some of the most note worthy:… read more >>

Continuous Improvement

One of our core values at The MathWorks is continuous improvements. It is so important to us, we list it as our top core value right on our web page. It pervades all aspects of our life here, nowhere more so than in our software. We’ve spent a… read more >>

Visual debugging with Linked Plots 1

I’d like to welcome guest blogger Ken Atwell from the MATLAB Technical Marketing team. Ken will occasionally be blogging here on the Ken & Mike on the MATLAB Desktop blog.

New settings for Editor limit line 6

Not all of our new features are as complex and headline-earning as the Current Directory or Function Browser. Sometimes we quietly introduce small features or enhancements. Did you notice that the character limit line in the editor went from pink to gray? … read more >>

Publishing Functions 1

Until MATLAB R2008a, PUBLISH only worked on scripts.  One of the limitations of the MATLAB language is that you cannot define a function from within a script.  These two worked against each other to make it difficult to tell a story with M-file publishing that relied on another function…. read more >>

Customize your Current Directory toolbar 1

In the new Current Directory Browser you can easily add, remove or rearrange the actions on your Current Directory Browser’s toolbar. There are lots of choices on the Toolbars Preferences panel to help make you work faster. Start customizing by right-clicking on the button and selecting Customize… (also… read more >>

Become a groupie

Organize your folders and become a “groupie”. The new Current Directory Browser allows you to group your files into custom views by Type, Size or Date Modified. Additionally, you can expand and collapse the groups to conveniently view portions of your directory at a time. For example, you could… read more >>

Army Ants Contest 4

It’s time for another bonus mid-week post. This time I’m announcing the new MATLAB Contest: Army Ants…. read more >>

Meet the new Current Directory navigation bar 4

The new Address Bar in the Current Directory Browser provides many point and click ways to navigate around your MATLAB file folders. The MATLAB current folder location is displayed as a series of buttons (or breadcrumbs) representing each subfolder in the path. This enables single-click transitions between folders… read more >>