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MATLAB Christmas Trees 1

While online doing some last minute shopping, I found some Christmas trees that were created using MATLAB.  I thought they are perfect to share with everyone in our community during this holiday season. What a perfect gift if you are still looking for something for someone special! You can even get… read more >>

How Trendy Saved My Life

OK, it didn’t really save my life. But Trendy’s users have helped me understand MATLAB coding and plotting… and to some, that’s right up there with having their lives saved…. read more >>

A Meeting of the Contest Masterminds

The contest is winding down. The queue has been shut down one last time and we are waiting for the queue to finish processing so that we can announce the final Grand Prize Winner…. read more >>

MATLAB Knots Contest has started

The Fall 2012 MATLAB Contest is inspired by the game Planarity. But it was also inspired by the problem of the Gordian Knot. The problem is this: Given a deranged hairball of a knot, can you untie it?… read more >>

Have you heard of the MATLAB Contest? 1

That’s right… MATLAB Central has a programming contest where contestants submit MATLAB code to try to solve a challenge. The next contest starts at 16:00 UTC on Wednesday, October 31 and runs through 16:00 UTC November 7, 2012…. read more >>