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MATLAB Central 亚搏体育app网站下载链 Freshens Up MathWorks Support Site

This summer, the MathWorks Support site launched new graphical aids and better access to helpful content. Specifically, these updates include:

  • Attention-grabbing graphics

  • Faceted search navigation
  • Rotating spotlights featuring latest news, reminders, and technical articles
  • An area dedicated to community activities

    This new area rotates tabbed views highlighting none other than… you guessed it… you! That’s right – our MATLAB Central 亚搏体育app网站下载链 is helping to keep the main MathWorks Support page current, informative, and helpful.

    Content featured in these tabbed views includes recent 亚搏体育app网站下载链 Answers,
    highly rated submissions on File Exchange, and

    blogs sharing chatter from MathWorkers.

So, what’s hot in the Support world? You are! Way to go!

The support experience wouldn’t be complete without the vast resources provided by members of our community.  You all are a valuable part of that experience. Keep those great submissions and answers coming!

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have on the updated site.



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