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Stay Connected using MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, engineers and scientists are finding themselves suddenly working from home or other remote locations. We’d like to help you continue to use MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页 productively. We hope this brief collection of resources will help you access MATLAB, collaborate and connect with others, and continue to grow your skills during this challenging time.

Collaborating with MATLAB users

Efficient communication is essential to collaborating remotely. Here are a few key MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页 features that help teams work together on shared code and models:

  • Projects – Organize your MATLAB code, 亚搏国际网页 models, and related files into separate projects that make it easy for everyone to work on the same code in a consistent environment
  • Publish to GitHub – Collaborate on your project using GitHub
  • Clone from GitHub – Clone a GitHub repository to work on it directly in your local MATLAB

Connecting with MATLAB users

We are all learning how important it is to stay connected even as we may be physically isolated from our family, friends, and colleagues. And we realize that you may not have the usual support from your colleagues in your use of MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页. You can connect with MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页 users worldwide on MATLAB Central and reach out directly to MathWorks for support:

Learning from home

Here are several resources to help you strengthen your MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页 skills while working remotely:

  • Online Training – Self-paced and instructor-led training, including free onramps to learn MATLAB, 亚搏国际网页, Deep Learning, and more.
  • Videos and Webinars – Over 4000 free technical videos to learn about MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页, watch demonstrations about how to get started, and explore what’s new.
  • MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页 Based Books – More than 2000 titles for teachers, students, and professionals
  • Technical Articles and Feature Stories Hundreds of articles on how engineers and scientists worldwide are using MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页 to tackle some of the most challenging technical problems

Running MATLAB from home

Depending on how you use and access MATLAB at school or work, here are several options for running MATLAB from home:

  • Access your MATLAB license remotely – Contact your IT department to see if and how you can run MATLAB remotely, or your MathWorks account representative or MathWorks Support if you are still having issues. Check if your university has a campus wide license, which allows MATLAB use from anywhere
  • MATLAB Online – Run MATLAB directly in a browser, no installation. Users at commercial and government organizations must have an Individual license to use MATLAB Online.
  • Free Trial – 30-Day trial license of MATLAB, 亚搏国际网页, and add-on products, to hold you over if you can’t access a license


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