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Launching MATLAB without the desktop 20

I hope you don’t find it weird that I’m advertising -nodesktop mode on the Desktop blog. Don’t worry, I won’t take it personally if you decide to use this startup option. -nodesktop behaves differently depending if you are on Windows vs Linux or Mac. On Windows we provide a boring… read more >>

Tab to narrow completions 26

Tab completion is a great time saver for me, and helps me find a function when I can’t quite remember the exact name. There’s a little known feature that makes tab completion even more useful, though, and it happens to be off by default. … read more >>

The GUI way of doing things 16

While I like to write software for my own pleasure, sometimes I write programs to be used by other people--meaning I have to implement a user interface. I like the input function for asking simple questions of the user. Its syntax is straightforward, but its output clutters the Command Window,... read more >>