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Seeing What’s On the Search Path 2

I find the MATLAB search path to be one of the most difficult things to explain to new users. (The search path is what MATLAB uses to resolve function names to their code files). For the most part the search path contains the installed toolboxes, folders you’ve added through the… read more >>

Archiving files in the Current Folder Browser 6

MATLAB projects are usually a series of self-contained folders of related code files and data. To facilitate sharing, we've found that many people create Zip archives of those folders so there is just one file to transfer. In previous versions of MATLAB you had to do this outside the MATLAB... read more >>

Open as Text 2

I bet good odds that most of our users don’t know about the “Open As Text” feature in the Current Folder Browser. Double-clicking on files in the Current Folder will try to open the file using MATLAB’s implementation of the open function. That means importing to the workspace for a… read more >>

Organizing your files for fast coding 13

Pascal Getreuer over at the widget-heavy Advanced MATLAB blog recently wrote several posts about making your code run faster, the first of which described file organization. Pascal’s suggestions will help your code run faster, but there are number of features built into the MATLAB Desktop to help you write your… read more >>

The Current Folder Browser’s new dimension 11

In R2009b, the Current Folder Browser gained the ability to show hierarchical information rather than just a flat list of items. We actually did more than just add a hierarchical view though, and merged the best features of a flat view with the best features of a hierarchical view. … read more >>