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That Tooltip Looks Familiar 7

Here’s a bit of desktop trivia for ya…. In R2010a we introduced a Current Folder visualization that dims out files not on the path. If you hover your mouse over one of these files, you’ll see a yellow tooltip with an information icon, some text, and a button: … read more >>

Changing the error color for visibility 1

We understand that colors in the editor can cause difficulty for some users or with certain display devices. Each release we try to make the MATLAB UI more friendly in this area. For MATLAB R2009a, we rolled in some minor enhancements in this area with the new M-Lint display. For… read more >>

M-Lint across a project 9

Oftentimes I find myself working not just on one MATLAB file, but a whole project-full of multiple files. When I’m in a multi-file mode, I like to know how my code is doing and how much cleanup work I still have to do to get the files into a stable,… read more >>

Finding the right M-Lint message 8

I promise that this’ll be my last post on the new M-Lint features (for awhile anyway). In last week’s post on the new M-Lint preferences, I glossed over the new search bar, so this week we’ll dive into its features. … read more >>

Click for more information 14

R2009a introduces Extended M-Lint: a new set of tooltips in the MATLAB Editor that provide on-demand additional information about a particular message. The following images show the new R2009a M-Lint message features. … read more >>