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GUIDE GUIs in All One File 3

MATLAB has so many features that’s it’s impossible to learn all of them. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me when I meet someone who tells me “it would be great if MATLAB did X” when, in fact, MATLAB does do X. One common request I hear is from people who… read more >>

Using UIWAIT/UIRESUME to control program flow 2

When you run a MATLAB callback from a GUI that callback will normally run to completion. There are times when you may want to temporarily suspend execution until the user does something: such as input data, upload a file, connect or update connected hardware, acknowledge a message, etc. For… read more >>

Putting the tab into a GUI 21

One of our intrepid readers, Ahmet, recently emailed me asking support for tab panels in GUIDE. After getting myself past “why would anyone want to use tabs?” I started to think about the problem a little bit. My first instinct was a Java solution where I would cram a Java… read more >>

More dialogs than you can shake a stick at 6

I’m going to continue my dialog discussion from two weeks ago with more of the MATLAB dialog gallery. I feel a bit like a car salesman, we’ve got so many dialogs to choose from. I’ve grouped them into two categories: dialogs for messages, and dialogs for setting/getting things. … read more >>

The GUI way of doing things 16

While I like to write software for my own pleasure, sometimes I write programs to be used by other people--meaning I have to implement a user interface. I like the input function for asking simple questions of the user. Its syntax is straightforward, but its output clutters the Command Window,... read more >>

Interactive web pages in MATLAB, part 4 5

A few weeks ago Ashwin commented on my Interactive web pages in MATLAB series from last year asking about computing data in MATLAB and putting back into a web page. I didn’t take the time back then how to explain it because it’s not the most straightforward and requires a… read more >>

The Keys to Moving and Resizing Docked Windows 2

Have you ever been stuck using a computer without a working mouse or equivalent pointing device? It can be an interesting experience. It’s surprising how much you can do with just the keyboard. For example, on Windows, pressing Alt-Space invokes a menu in the upper left corner of… read more >>