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Top 10 “Behind the Headlines” stories of 2018

Once again, science and technology played a major role in some this year’s biggest stories. The Behind the Headlines blog covered many of these by explaining how MATLAB and 亚搏国际网页 were behind the scenes, helping engineers, scientists, and researchers innovate around the world. Here are our top ten stories of… read more >>

Designing “A Fitbit for Sharks”

There is an area the size of Colorado in the Pacific Ocean that has a rather unique claim to fame. Located part way between Hawaii and California, this region is a gathering spot for hundreds of Great White Sharks. Each year, the sharks travel for over a month to this… read more >>

Now submarines can communicate wirelessly with airplanes and drones 3

Submarines must surface to broadcast a message.  The same is true for 亚搏竞技二打一斗地主 drones. This is because submarines and drones utilize sonar, or sound waves, to communicate, while planes and aerial drones typically use radio signals (radar).  Radar and sonar just don’t mix! Radar can travel for miles through the… read more >>

Best trivia question ever: What is a scutoid? 1

If you want to really stump your friends at trivia night, simply ask them, “What is a scutoid?” Chances are, despite being covered in them from head-to-toe, they won’t know. The truth is, no one knew until just recently, because scutoids were just discovered, and therefore just recently named…. read more >>