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Symbolic Analysis of the Port Passing Problem

Hopefully you recall the recent post where we used a monte-carlo technique to simulate an infinitely-stocked port decanter passing around a table of N people (always starting at position 0), moving with probability p to the left and q to the right, only stopping when everyone at the table had... read more >>

The Perverse Port Passing Problem

Today's guest blogger is Jos Martin, from the Parallel Computing group at MathWorks. Whilst normally focussing on making parallel computing both easy and fast in MATLAB, occasionally he likes to use MATLAB to explore other problem spaces. Here, he writes about an interesting random walk process he encountered that has allowed him to explore both simulation and analytic methods in MATLAB, and using each of those methods to help guide the other. ... read more >>

Using Symbolic Math Toolbox to Compute Area Moments of Inertia 1

Once more I am pleased to introduce guest blogger Kai Gehrs. Kai has been a Software Engineer at MathWorks for the past five years working on the Symbolic Math Toolbox. He has a background in mathematics and computer science. He already contributed to my BLOG in the past writing about Using Symbolic Equations And Symbolic Functions In MATLAB as well as on approaches for Simplifying Symbolic Results.

...

Simplifying Symbolic Results 4

I am pleased to introduce guest blogger Kai Gehrs. Kai is a developer for the Symbolic Math Toolbox. His main focus in this post is on special approaches to symbolic simplification and equation solving. ... read more >>

Nicomachus’s Theorem 4

Ned Gulley is stepping in as guest blogger this week. You may remember an earlier guest entry from him on calendars and leap years. Ned has been working at MathWorks almost as long as I have, and as we were chatting the other day, he reminded me of an ... read more >>