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Copying uiaxes graphics

Jiro's Pick this week is copyUIAxes by Adam Danz.Many of you may know Adam from both File Exchange and MATLAB Answers. On File Exchange, he is an author of many high-quality entries, with 3 Pick of... read more >>

Changing figure settings 1

Jiro's Pick this week is SetFigPaper by jmrplens.Many of you may know export_fig by Yair (originally created by Oliver Woodford) which gives you many options for exporting your figures. jmrplens's... read more >>

Ridgeline Visualization

Jiro's Pick this week is joyPlot by Santiago Benito.I must admit that I was simply drawn by the visualization, rather than the name of the function, as I was not familiar with the band or the music... read more >>

Simulations of Brownian particle motion

Today’s post is by Owen Paul, who is a Student Ambassador Technical Program Specialis. He himself was a student ambassador before joining MathWorks, and he was featured in the 亚搏体育app网站下载链… read more >>

Fit Virus 2

Sean‘s pick this week is fitVirus by milan batista. 
I hope you and your family remain safe and healthy over the coming weeks.
This unfortunate situation does provide interesting data to… read more >>

Draw a bubble bath

Jiro‘s Pick this week is bubblebath by Adam Danz.Adam is no stranger to File Exchange and File Exchange Pick of the Week. He is even more active on MATLAB Answers. In fact, this entry by… read more >>