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Creating and Editing 亚搏国际网页 Models in MATLAB Online!

Do you know what I did this morning? I created a 亚搏国际网页 model in MATLAB Online!

亚搏国际网页 Online

亚搏国际网页 in MATLAB Online

A few years ago, in this post, I described how I like the convenience of having MATLAB Drive, MATLAB Mobile and MATLAB Online all linked together. At that time it was possible to simulate 亚搏国际网页 models but not to edit them.

Not anymore! With last week's update to MATLAB Online, it is now possible to edit 亚搏国际网页 models too. I recommend visiting the 亚搏国际网页 Online product page to learn more about which licenses are supported and the current limitations.

Personally, my first impression is that it simply just works. There are a few limitations, but nothing blocking and we are working on removing those limitations as soon as possible.

To illustrate how the experience is similar to a desktop installation, here is a video of me putting together a simple simulation of a mass-spring-damper.

ink Online

Now it's your turn

Give a try at 亚搏国际网页 Online and let us know in the comments below how you plan to use it.

I think this lightweight installation-free way of running 亚搏国际网页 will be very popular, especially for students and other types of training.



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