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Why do we need Stiff ODE Solvers? 2

I hope you have noticed the new MATLAB Central blog: Cleve's Corner. Cleve once said "stiffness is an efficiency issue." Let's explore this from a 亚搏国际网页 point of view by revisiting an article by Cleve in MATLAB News and Notes, May 2003: Stiff Differential Equations.... read more >>

Round-off Error

Loren recently posted a simple example of how single-threaded computations might produce different results from multi-threaded computations.  The cause is floating-point round off, and most people are surprised to learn that the "different" results actually agree!  In this post, I want to explore this same example in 亚搏国际网页.... read more >>

Floating-Point Numbers 6

Numeric simulation is all about the numbers.  In a previous post, I talked about integer and fixed-point number representations.  These numbers are especially useful for discrete simulation and embedded systems.  For continuous dynamic systems, the values do not represent discrete values but continuously changing functions in time.  For this, floating-point numbers provide the flexibility and range... read more >>