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Another timeit update

I just posted another timeit update to the MATLAB Central File Exchange. (See my original post on timeit for a detailed explanation of its purpose and use.) The new version has a few improvements: ... read more >>

Soft proofing example

Last month I wrote about a color gamut mapping course that I took at the Color Imaging Conference in Portland, Oregon. I showed a couple of images in that post, in which I promised to post the code I used to create them. ... read more >>

Color Gamut Mapping 6

After attending ICC DevCon 2008 last week in Portland, Oregon, I stayed for another day to take a couple of short courses at the Color Imaging Conference. One of the courses was Color Gamut Mapping, taught by Ján Morovic of Hewlett-Packard. Ján is the... read more >>

ICC DevCon 2008

I just returned from spending a few days in Portland, Oregon. Monday was ICC DevCon 2008. ICC is the International Color Consortium, an organization responsible for the color profile spec, known as either ISO 15076-1:2005 or ICC.1:2004-10. (The MathWorks is a corporate member of ICC and a sponsor of DevCon... read more >>

Image processing code on the File Exchange 4

MATLAB Central, including the MATLAB Central File Exchange, received a significant upgrade last month. With the File Exchange, you have many more ways to find and get notified about files that may interest you. Any search view can be turned into an RSS subscription feed, or into an automatic e-mail... read more >>

Update to timeit

On Leap Day, 2008, I posted about how to time code in MATLAB, and I gave a link to a timing utility function called timeit that I submitted to the MATLAB Central File Exchange. ... read more >>