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Exploring shortest paths – part 5 5

In this post in the Exploring shortest paths series, I make things a little more complicated (and interesting) by adding constraints to the shortest path problem. Last time, I showed this example of finding the shortest paths between the "T" and the sideways "s" in... read more >>

Exploring shortest paths – part 4

In my previous posts on Exploring shortest paths (November 1, November 26, and December 3), I have noted several times that there isn't a unique shortest path (in general) between one object and another in a binary image. To illustrate, here's a recap of the... read more >>

Exploring shortest paths – part 3 2

In part 2 of Exploring shortest paths, I noted a problem with using the 'quasi-euclidean' distance transform to find the shortest paths between two objects in a binary image. Specifically, our algorithm resulted in a big, unfilled gap between the two objects. ... read more >>

Five years ago: May, June, and July 2006

Much of the information I posted in this blog years ago is still useful today. Image processing theory hasn't been completely overturned since then, and I'm still talking about MATLAB after all. For the benefit of readers who have joined the party ... read more >>