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Upslope area – Summary

Back in March I started writing about an algorithm implementation experiment for computing upslope area. Given an "image" whose pixel values are terrain elevations, the upslope area of a pixel is the area of the uphill terrain that drains through that pixel. I chose a paper that looked promising, and... read more >>

Upslope area – handling NaNs 2

Since I originally posted my upslope toolbox to MATLAB Central back in August, I have heard from some experts about an issue related to NaNs in the DEM data. Specifically, some data sets record elevation only for DEM pixels within a particular catchment basin.... read more >>

Upslope area code is now available

After my last upslope area post, I decided that I had enough of the algorithm details worked out to produce a set of working M-files. Although I have a few more posts to go, I've already uploaded the M-files to the MATLAB Central File Exchange. If you've been following this... read more >>